With high-definition security, video surveillance in petroleum refineries has become the standard

Petroleum and petrochemical enterprises are located in a wide area, especially refineries, which are located in sparsely populated areas with large perimeters and complex astronomical environments. It contains more flammable and explosive hydrocarbons. It is precisely because of this that the video surveillance system has become its standard configuration. With the establishment of the information system of petroleum refineries, the internal management of petroleum refineries has transitioned from extensive management to information management, and the centralized management of the entire petroleum refining process has gradually been strengthened. The overall monitoring platform of the office and office area, the purpose is to apply the on-site monitoring system to ensure the safety of crude oil transportation and refining. At the same time, each higher-level guidance agency also hopes to have a timely and comprehensive understanding and control of the equipment operation, data security and fault scene of the subordinate units. At present, the data center of a petroleum refining and chemical group in Beijing has a complete set of video surveillance system, which is managed by the surveillance center. Now it is necessary to upgrade this video surveillance system intelligently, and use the latest technical means to fill the For the vacancies of the existing system, improve the existing security system, improve the efficiency of the video surveillance system, and add intelligent guarantees. After the data source is automatically collected and loaded into the monitoring center with the help of the existing network resources of the petroleum refinery, it provides an open platform for the application of management departments at all levels, so that consumers and management personnel can timely control and control the consumption dynamics, and can stop the real-time monitoring obtained. Statistics, analysis and optimization provide an important basis for ensuring the normal operation of production equipment and reducing production costs. In view of the problems of multiple sites, wide areas and complex production environments in petroleum refineries, to improve the level of informatization in petroleum refineries, and to give full play to the late-mover advantages of information technology, Baode technical engineers deployed Baode general dual-channel services for them. server cluster system. Relying on the maturity and flexibility of the network, the effective management and application of video data is realized according to business requirements, and a digital video analysis and storage system with stable and reliable, clear structure, simple setting and easy maintenance is established. In the process of system establishment, the principles of advancement, reliability, scalability, safety, applicability and economy are followed. Use powerful server resources and built-in intelligent algorithms to analyze the code stream of front-end equipment, provide real-time intelligent analysis, realize centralized configuration management of user permissions, monitoring equipment, alarm equipment, and various servers in the system, and provide various services. Class monitoring business and comprehensive log management and auditing functions. Video surveillance systems have become indispensable in the safe production and operation of petroleum refining and chemical enterprises. Based on the top priority of enterprise safety, the safe and stable operation of video surveillance system hardware and software should also be given top priority. Since the operation of the video surveillance platform built by Baode based on the characteristics of the petroleum refinery, the additional functions have saved the overall cost for it, and improved the efficiency of reading and writing video resources, laying a solid foundation for multi-service sharing of resources and ensuring the security of video data. Provide effective guarantee.
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