Product advantage
1, the accumulation of lens technology for many years
  Strong research and development design ability, more than 60 years of professional lens manufacturing experience, many international famous brands of work experience
2. Professional means of production testing
  Many professional lens test equipment, the test means is perfect, the product is stable and reliable
3. The quality of military industry, the product is stable and reliable
  Products are widely applied in various fields, listening to customers' opinions and meeting customers' needs. The products are stable and reliable, which can meet the needs of military industry and civilian. Products can work normally at -45 C and 75 C, and have strong environmental adaptability.
4, support RS485 serial port control
  The lens supports RS485 control, the wiring is convenient, the control is accurate, and the traditional level control mode can be compatible.
5. The built-in auto focus function
  The lens has a built-in automatic focusing function, accurate focusing and convenient operation.
6, fogging function of infrared
  It solves the problem of not seeing objects in heavy fog environment. The fog penetration function can effectively penetrate the mist and restore the object itself, and it can enhance the ability of haze penetration by 2 times compared with the traditional common lens, and the image is clear.
7, 3 million pixel high rate long focus lens world first
  The Guarantee Center is not less than 3 million pixels, and the surrounding is not less than 2 million pixels, providing a high definition of quality and color.
8, wide wavelength and high transmittance Technology
  The transmission range is enlarged by more than 98% transmittance in the range of visible light and near infrared light (400 ~ 110Nm).
9, both day and night, IR function -- the highest level in the industry
  24 hours monitoring ability. A color image that provides a high quality picture in the daytime; a fine black and white image is provided at night.
10, multi group filter
  It supports multi - group filter switching, which can induce different segments of light to pass through, and the image imaging effect is better.
11, advanced nano EBC electron beam coating technology -- world leader
  Effectively reduce light reflection; reduce astigmatism and shadow; enhance light transmittance so that more light can be absorbed by the lens.
12, auto temperature compensation for rear coke
  Built in temperature sensing device, the thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by the induction of lens temperature information can automatically compensate the position of the rear focus and prevent the image blurring, that is, in the environment of large temperature difference, and without re focusing, image clarity can always be maintained.

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