About Us
   YAMAKO Optical Company Limited has been working on the research, design and manufacturing business of all kinds of optical lens since1956. It also provides customized development OEM business for the industrial and multimedia businesses of the world's top companies.

    YAMAKO is the world's well-known optical design and manufacturer, and the market share Bureau of YAMAKO long zoom lens is the forefront of the global security industry. YAMAKO has more than 60 years of production history as a well-known manufacturer of TV lenses for high quality broadcasting and television. The design and technology of high rate of these TV lens development process accumulated is fully used to CCTV telephoto zoom lens manufacturing series, lens series products are achieved that other companies cannot follow the high rate, high resolution, high durability and high environmental adaptability.

    YAMAKO series lenses are not only rich product line, can meet the Ultra HD, night vision, FOG, Excellent high-low temperature performance, RS485 serial number control, auto focus and a variety of application needs, can according to customer needs, custom development, to meet the special needs of high-end customers.

    YAMAKO series lenses is widely used in TV, the industrial park, machine vision, military, aerospace, safe city, forest fire prevention, border, traffic roads, railways, electric power, airports, marin, pipelines, coasts, islands, ports, lakes, nuclear power plants, ships and other fields.

    We are willing to show you examples, Keep in mind there may be some restriction or confidentiality on describing this information in detail. For customers with special needs. Welcome to talk with us for the ultimate solution so that we can help you develop some customized products to accomplish your product plan.

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