Smart Oilfield Information Video Surveillance

How managers can complete real-time monitoring of oil wells, RTU management information, angular displacement sensors, pressure sensors, load sensors, broadcast lighting information, emergency adjustment, and local WiFi LAN coverage through the background of the system. Diverse business requests vary greatly and cannot be completed. Unified management. At present, there is a huge demand for reconstruction of major sites such as oil wells and pressure stations that have been established. How to quickly deploy and how to reasonably complete the purpose of intelligent reconstruction is an existing problem. Oil fields are usually scattered in sparsely populated areas such as swamps, deserts, basins and shallow seas. The working environment is relatively special. There are few on-site personnel and maintenance personnel. It has a high risk. Once leaked, it will have a serious impact on the human body and the surrounding environment, and the harm to the traditional operating environment is immeasurable. Oil well patrol, oil well data entry, wellhead machinery start and stop, etc. all require a large number of personnel to complete, management is difficult, and labor costs are high. How to improve the efficiency of production management and deal with limited labor input on the field of oilfields; reduce experts running wells and stopping wells On-site technical support, reducing costs and improving efficiency are the keys to considering the needs of modern intelligent oilfields. In view of the current situation of the oilfield system, Four-Faith applied 5G industrial routers, 5G industrial CPEs, 5G IoT RTU network cameras and other monitoring terminal equipment to establish a modern integrated monitoring system that conforms to the safe consumption of oilfields, and has a good understanding of front-end operation, business, equipment, etc. Stop management, and meet the needs of centralized management, hierarchical viewing, and hierarchical monitoring of upper-level platforms, complete multi-level networking and cross-regional monitoring, and centrally monitor and manage front-end systems in monitoring centers at all levels, escorting safe consumption. Four-Faith 5G Smart Oilfield System is mainly composed of wellhead monitoring terminal, Four-Faith 5G industrial router and system management platform. After real-time detection of wellhead parameters, the oil well status parameters collected by the oil well RTU collector are sent to the Four-Faith 5G industrial router. The database server of the oil production plant enables various departments of production management to control the working status of oil wells in time, shorten the time for handling oil well failures, improve the rate of opening wells, increase crude oil production, and improve work efficiency. The wrist is the ideal consumer automation product for the oil field.
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