Petroleum Reserve Perimeter Defense Video Security Monitoring

Oil Storage Perimeter Preparedness Treatment Plan The vehicle se-travel identification and early warning system stops detecting the driving behavior of vehicles on the main roads of the city. Oil Storage Perimeter Preparedness Treatment Plan The personnel stay and hesitation identification alarm system stops 7*24 hours of real-time monitoring of personnel in the monitoring area. Once an abnormal situation in the monitoring screen is found, the system can issue an alarm in a fast and good way, and save the alarm information for later inquiry and evidence collection , so that it can more effectively assist security personnel to deal with crises, minimize false positives and false negatives, and actually improve the security prevention capability of the monitoring area. The intrusion detection and alarm system stops real-time detection of the surrounding area of ​​the wall. When it is detected that someone is hesitating or jumping over the wall, it will give an early warning in time to prevent it from happening. The work sleep monitoring system stops real-time monitoring of the work area. When it is detected that the employee is sleeping during working hours, it will immediately give an alarm and give an early warning to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. The smoking behavior monitoring and identification system automatically stops real-time monitoring of the smoking behavior of people in non-smoking areas without manual intervention. Once it detects that someone is smoking, the system will automatically alarm, inform the monitoring management center, and prompt relevant personnel to deal with it in time. At the same time, the alarm screenshots and videos are stored in the database to form a report, and the alarm records, alarm screenshots, and videos can be queried on-demand according to the time period, so as to stop the trace back after the event and quickly find the obligor.
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