Introduction to the use of macro infrared lens infrared thermal imaging thermometer

Macro infrared lens is a special lens used for macro shooting, mainly used to shoot very small objects, such as optical fibers, electronic cigarette heating wires, integrated chips, etc. The purpose of the macro lens is to try to show the details of the subject in detail, and to present the subtle parts in full detail. There is a term that must be recognized, and it is magnification. Magnification refers to the ratio of the imaging size of the object on the focal plane through the lens to the theoretical size of the object. In the macro lens, it is usually called "maximum magnification", which refers to the magnification value of the lens under the two conditions of the maximum focal length (macro lens is usually fixed focus) and the closest shooting distance for clear imaging. The magnification value at this time is the maximum magnification of this lens. There are three macro lenses to choose from depending on the size of the object being measured, with maximum magnifications of 0.5, 0.68 and 2. In order to ensure accurate temperature measurement, the infrared thermal imaging thermometer needs to meet at least one intact pixel for the imaging of the smallest object to be measured, and it is best to complete 3 × 3 pixels. The conventional infrared lens design is generally designed according to the 30cm~∞ clear imaging design. When measuring the temperature of the optical fiber and the heating wire of the electronic cigarette, because the diameter of the optical fiber and the heating wire is too small, it only needs about 100~200um, so that it does not even occupy half a pixel. There is no way to measure the temperature of it normally. Using a macro lens with a maximum magnification of 0.68 can complete 100um imaging with 3 pixels and complete accurate temperature measurement.
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