Chonggu Town strengthens the informatization monitoring of river channels and creates a "river chief system" intelligent brain

To further maintain the clear waters and green mountains of Chonggu Town, so that more residents can enjoy a good water ecological environment, Chonggu Town first installed a batch of 360-degree high-definition cameras in key river channels, and the surveillance video was transmitted to the "Smart River and Lake System" in real time. , so as to complete the 24-hour monitoring of river cleaning, illegal sewage discharge, shoreline clearance, etc., so as to monitor the river conditions in real time in an all-round way, discover and deal with problems in a timely manner, and truly cherish the implementation of river maintenance in Guzhen, so that the ecological behavior of destroying the river has no effect. Hide away. The River Chief Office of Chonggu Town separates the characteristics of river management and the practical work of the river chief system, focuses on the task of the river chief, focuses on the precise management of the river, and supplements social participation. The water environment is established, and the "visualization of river management, intelligent work flow, and universalization of river management" have been completed.
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