UAV inspection and monitoring of river channels

background River is the carrier of water resources, and it is one of the most fundamental natural resources related to human existence and life. The development, application, management and maintenance of water resources are inseparable from this important carrier. The river is the only channel for flooding, and its safe and smooth flood control plays an important role in preventing floods and waterlogging disasters. The river is an integral part of the ecological environment. Therefore, the inspection of the river is extremely important. Generally, the inspection of the river is carried out by the staff on foot or by the use of the inspection vehicle to stop the inspection along the river, collect information, and update the database. In the process of river inspection and management, it is necessary to grasp the dynamic changes of the river in real time, the obstruction of the river, the illegal discharge of sewage, and the monitoring and early warning of river disasters that may be caused by weather changes. In recent years, measuring instruments have become smaller and lighter, and these payload instruments can be integrated into drones. Instruments and other equipment can capture data on the river embankments and river channels in the area, and effectively perform multiple measurements (monitoring). 02 At present, the relatively mature scenario application plan on the market 1. Drone + infrared equipment: monitor the sewage outlet through thermal infrared equipment 2. UAV + multi-spectral analyzer: multi-spectral analysis, inspection of water quality and health 3. UAV + water flow speed meter: flow rate monitoring system, early warning and prevention before flood disaster, flood prevention during flood season 4. Drone + AI system: set up AI to identify safe borders 1. UAV river channel infrared inspection and monitoring system The UAV heat-carrying infrared pan-tilt camera observes the invisible thermal radiation emitted or reflected by all objects in the river. No matter what the lighting conditions are, it can also detect obstacles at night, inspect sewage outlets, and quickly trace the source of illegally discharged sewage. Accurate and rapid positioning of sewage outlets, strengthening monitoring and discovery mechanisms, and providing strong support for the precision and intelligence of long-term river management. 2. UAV multi-spectral water quality monitoring system Since the spectral reflectance of different water quality is different, the water quality can be monitored by a UAV equipped with a spectral analyzer, to detect whether the water body is polluted, and to issue a management report. It can also monitor riparian vegetation and monitor the overall ecological environment of the river. 3. UAV flow rate monitoring system The water velocity/flow monitoring system can intelligently monitor the water velocity. It has the characteristics of flexibility, low cost, rich functions, simple operation, and low risk, and can provide strong support for water velocity/flow monitoring. The water velocity radar measures the surface velocity of the water in a non-contact way and can sense the direction of the water flow. The speed measurement range is wide and the measurement accuracy is high. The self-stabilizing pan/tilt is used to accurately maintain the posture and on of the radar water flow meter, and can still provide stable measurement results under strong winds. 4. UAV AI border recognition system The drone + AI algorithm system can be applied to set up control areas, illegal fishing, illegal fishing, illegal digging of river sand to stop area monitoring, and set up intrusion alarm mechanisms.
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