Stable airport video surveillance system

To see whether a city, or even a country's economy is prosperous, depends on the flow of people, cargo, and throughput of its airports. The more prosperous the country, the bigger the airport and the more people, the problem also comes: the intensity of supervision. There are so many people and so many goods every day, how can we supervise all aspects, how to find out doubts in a timely manner, and how to deal with problems in a timely manner? Video surveillance can handle these. The plan cannot keep up with the changes. In recent years, many airports in my country have been expanded from time to time, which can accommodate more people, cargo, and throughput, becoming an international airport; on the other hand, it has increased the difficulty of airport video surveillance. For example, the original airport surveillance in In area A, the monitoring of the second and third phases of the airport is in area B, which scattered the monitoring efforts. In addition, with the deployment of more video surveillance, the maintenance cost has greatly increased. In the past, the bandwidth for the original monitoring was not enough to support the second and third phases. For the monitoring that will be increased in the future, only the bandwidth can be increased for normal use. Originally, the airport uses the dedicated line provided by the operator. After increasing the bandwidth of the dedicated line, the annual cost will be higher. With the vigorous development of information technology in recent years, new technologies can be used to assist. For example, the recently popular 4G industrial routers only need to deploy industrial routers in computer rooms A and B. After networking into a local area network, you can supervise A and B at the same time. B's monitoring, to deal with the problem of decentralized management. The so-called 4G industrial router can provide a variety of Internet access methods to ensure constant Internet access; using a special metal casing, it can work normally in harsh environments; using a variety of protocols to ensure data transmission; only one point, in connection, still use operation The traditional leased line provided by the provider has high cost and complicated configuration. In fact, recently, enterprises are using SD-WAN-based networking solutions. In short, it is more cost-effective than private lines, low in cost, plug-and-play, and cloud-based management. It just so happens that Dandelion has launched a 4G industrial router R300. Based on the SD-WAN networking method, it fully covers the common access methods such as the Internet, private lines, and wireless networks, and quickly deploys and introduces multi-line dynamic BGP network export bandwidth, greatly improving the quality of network connection. Establish a virtual local area network, break the geographical restrictions, and complete the interconnection and intercommunication of equipment and information between regions without the need for public network IP. (1) Fast network construction and high cost performance Compared with ordinary 4G routers to build dedicated lines/VPN servers, R300 adopts SD-WAN networking technology, which makes networking deployment simpler, more efficient, lower in cost, and more cost-effective. (2) Mobile supervision, open and free Even if a 4G router is installed, the supervisor still needs to manage the transmission, operation and maintenance of the video probe, and the handling of unexpected situations in the main control background. After installing the R300, the mobile management can be completed, and only a mobile phone/computer/tablet is needed. The monitoring data can be viewed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. If there is an emergency, it can be dealt with in the background without going to the scene. (3) Hardware encryption chip, safe and stable Since monitoring is related to airport security, if it is externally cracked, it will pose a security risk. When the peers are still using software encryption, R300 has upgraded the hardware encryption chip, and at the same time uses the government/bank encryption level, the calculation speed is fast, and the resource consumption is low. High security. This not only saves the cost of annual operation and maintenance, but also supervises all routers in the background. For future airport expansion, video surveillance can be increased or decreased at will. If the bandwidth is not enough, the bandwidth of the server can be increased, and the operation and maintenance of the entire system is usually very cumbersome. , very suitable for establishing an international airport monitoring system.
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