Introduction of microwave radar detectors for perimeter security "high-end" products

With the constant changes in market demand, the traditional point-to-point detection method of intrusion detectors has not been able to fully meet the needs of users. Especially for high-risk places or judicial organs, the detectors are required to have a certain detection range, that is, the intruder is still active near the detector. It has been reliably detected since then, so as to achieve early detection and early disposal, and timely curb criminals from committing crimes. The introduction of microwave through-beam detectors has effectively dealt with market problems. The microwave on-beam detector is composed of a microwave transmitter and a microwave receiver. When used, it is installed face-to-face to form a plane maintenance area between the transmitter and the receiver. Maintenance intervals up to 250 meters. The intruder can be effectively detected only in the entire maintenance area, and the alarm information will be uploaded immediately and the monitoring video will be linked to notify the duty personnel to deal with the police situation. The whole process has completed rapid response, precise positioning, and timely disposal, forming a complete alarm system. Product advantages: 1. Patented appearance, the shell is thickened with imported PC materials, anti-aging, anti-violent damage, and durable. 2. Sealed and waterproof design, the protection level reaches IP67, suitable for indoor and outdoor environment installations; 3. The fine rake algorithm is used to effectively filter out possible false alarms, and only alarm for real intrusions. 4. The design of extremely fast debugging mode, the receiver has its own OLED screen and function buttons, the working parameters are displayed in real time, and the debugging can be quickly completed without the help of external tools (patented technology). 5. 1-255-level fine signal amplification compensation, which can analyze the signal changes caused by the occlusion of objects of different volumes in detail, and make accurate judgments according to the alarm value set by the user. 6. The 130-level alarm trigger voltage is optional, and the user can arbitrarily set the trigger conditions according to the site environment and the size of the target object, with better stability and stronger applicability. 7. Four operating frequencies are optional, which can complete the 360° interspersed around the target area without dead-angle prevention, and the detectors do not interfere with each other. 8. Intelligent temperature compensation and environment-adaptive design, to cope with complex environments calmly. 9, OLED screen automatic sleep design, energy saving and environmental protection. 10. Plane protection design, intruders can cross the defense line by drilling, squatting, running, etc. Detection, nowhere to hide! Device Notes: A. There will be some blind spots within 1-2 meters in front of the transmitter and receiver. B. Along the direction of the protection line, it should be 2 meters away from the border of the protection zone; . C. The detector installation point should be far away from high-voltage power lines, at least 20 meters away from 35KV cables and at least 30 meters away from 500KV cables. D. The surface flatness between the transmitter and the receiver protective line should be less than ±0.3 meters. E. There should be no bushes or branches extending laterally in the protected area between the transmitter and the receiver. F. There should be no movable objects or animals in the protective area between the transmitter and the receiver.
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