Infrared thermal imaging night vision video surveillance

The development direction of infrared thermal imaging night vision surveillance video surveillance is outdoors, the development direction of outdoor monitoring is night vision, and the development direction of night vision is infrared technology. This trend is becoming more and more obvious. In the field of infrared night vision, Chinese enterprises have been at the forefront of the world, and some advanced technologies are beyond the reach of foreign counterparts. In the application of monitoring system, users often ask for 24-hour monitoring, and the image at night should be guaranteed while the image is clear during the day. Since most of the scenes at night are poorly lit, it is difficult for the camera to obtain good image effects only with natural light. In this context, infrared cameras emerge as the times require. Principles and types of infrared cameras The wavelength of ordinary visible light is 0.4~0.7 microns, which is the light that our eyes can see. And the section from 0.7 to 400 microns is infrared, infrared is invisible light, beyond our human eyes
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