Continuous and efficient development of digital waterway Monitoring technology of maritime waterway

With the continuous development and progress of the social economy and the continuous transformation and innovation of science and technology, the development of river channels has achieved a qualitative leap. As the top priority of the Yangtze River waterway management process, the application of digital waterway technology is an indispensable and key part, which is directly related to the quality and efficiency of the Yangtze River waterway management. Therefore, the relevant management departments must fully recognize the importance of the application of digital waterway technology, and give full play to its value. Well-being continues. The company strives to provide users with a complete set of night vision monitoring systems with advanced technology, focusing on maritime channel monitoring, high-altitude viewing monitoring, forest fire monitoring systems, laser night vision monitoring, infrared thermal imaging night vision monitoring, multi-spectral night vision cameras, and more. R&D and production of spectral photoelectric turntables, high-definition fog-penetrating cameras and other products.
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