Automatic monitoring system for river water level to help the development of smart water conservancy

The construction of smart water conservancy is an important project for the construction of people's livelihood and an important part of a smart city. The river water level monitoring and early warning system mainly monitors the digital data in the monitoring area to monitor whether it is offside. When the water level exceeds the safe value, an alarm is issued to remind you Managers check in time. Features of the automatic monitoring system for river water level: Not affected by water quality, water quality may change, and the automatic river water level monitoring system is not affected by water quality changes. Wide measurement range The automatic water level monitoring system of the river uses a solar power supply system to stop monitoring the water level at any time. The cost is low and the maintenance is relatively simple. Support data storage function. View historical data anytime. Users can set the collection time distance by themselves. GIS system, you can view the monitored site, flow and water level and other data information. Data query function. Data is automatically generated into graphs for easy viewing. Support remote monitoring, real-time viewing of water level status. Not affected by sediment. The river water level monitoring and monitoring system has improved economic and social benefits, effectively solved problems such as floods and disasters, and promoted the development of smart water conservancy.
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