Advantages of high-altitude observation monitoring technology

In many developed countries, infrared cameras have been replaced by laser cameras. Due to my country's labor and manufacturing advantages, infrared cameras have obvious cost advantages and low prices, so they are still used in many central applications. However, from the application advantages and technical aspects of cameras Look, laser cameras are used in many important fields with the advantages of high clarity, long life, intelligent lens adjustment, and energy saving. Let's take a look at the monitoring role of laser surveillance cameras in high-altitude viewing systems. The main function of the high-altitude observation system is to provide comprehensive and flat-screen comprehensive video surveillance for the urban space area; through the inspection function of the high-altitude observation system, the city is regularly monitored and scanned in an all-round plane. The on-duty personnel can track and confirm in a timely manner according to the alarm information issued on the image screen. The first time to stop the power scheduling, and to track the development of the situation and the whole process of changes in the situation, real-time video, investigation and evidence collection. Through laser surveillance cameras, the high-altitude viewing system can complete all-weather real-time monitoring functions in the entire urban area to identify early warnings. The system is connected to the public security network platform, linked with the existing public security network information for early warning, unified management and unified command and dispatch, which strengthens the defense of urban security, and uses high-tech means to effectively integrate the existing force, which enhances urban security. It also saves  resources. The high-altitude viewing system is set at an altitude of tens of meters, hundreds of meters, or even hundreds of meters, and the wind speed at the installation position is relatively large, so the wind resistance of the gimbal and its own operation clearance control are the keys to affecting image stability; the camera is locked The monitoring range of the purpose is from several kilometers to more than ten kilometers. The local laser surveillance cameras have night vision function and fog penetration function, which can ensure that the distant images are clearly visible without being affected by natural elements, and ensure the all-weather work of the high-altitude viewing system. Large-area night vision monitoring and monitoring effects in bad weather conditions.
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