24 hours no dead angle monitoring! HD surveillance cameras protect the river channel

In the Qunfeng section of the Tianyuan District of the Xiangjiang River, some people are planning to build shacks indiscriminately. This illegal act was clearly captured by a high-definition camera on the side, and the relevant information was promptly transmitted to the duty room several kilometers away. Upon receiving the clue, the staff of the Municipal Water Administration Supervision Detachment immediately rushed to the scene to stop it. The whole process took less than 20 minutes. Such a rapid response is due to the establishment of the city's river management project. This year, our city plans to set up 36 cameras along the river in the urban section of the Xiangjiang River in Zhuzhou. Each camera has its own 30x zoom and infrared sensor night vision function. In key areas of river monitoring such as the confluence of rivers and rivers, 24-hour monitoring without dead ends is implemented to maintain the river. "After the urban section of Xiangjiang River is included in the city's Xueliang project, it is expected to change the previous form of conscious inspection, reduce inspection time, and greatly improve work efficiency. After the monitoring of the platform, the urban and rural water ecological environment can be further improved." The person in charge of the Municipal Water Administration Supervision Detachment Say. This year, our city will make every effort to build an upgraded version of the river chief system, of which the establishment of a smart river and lake system is an important aspect. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal River Chief Office said that the establishment of the river and lake supervision system will be accelerated, and all water-related management and control functions will be included in the supervision system, and the "water system electronic map + remote sensing image + inspection APP + drone + problem rectification supervision and handling will be improved. "Supervision system, improve the supervision ability and informatization degree of rivers and lakes.Xiangjiang川のTianyuan地区のQunfeng
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